Staying Motivated to Work Out

Working out regularly is great for your heart, lungs, muscles, and mood! But how do you keep the enthusiasm for a workout after a long day at work or when life feels too busy? Try one of our pro tips to help you stay motivated and on track toward a stronger, healthier you.

Make an appointment! Putting your workout schedule in your calendar is a great way to stay motivated. Like any other appointment, your workout time is time you set aside to take care of your health. When you write it down, you are more likely to keep that commitment to yourself.

Remember your why. When you would rather sit on the couch than get moving, remember why being healthy and having energy are important to you. Then find activities that you enjoy or share with the family or a friend to make the ritual more meaningful and more likely! Remember we only get one body and it’s the only place you have to live.

Set a goal. Concrete goals you work toward can help keep you on track. Be sure that they are measurable and that you set smaller goals that lead to your larger goal. If you are hoping to get stronger, set a goal for how much weight you hope to lift or how many repetitions you hope to achieve. Consider your starting point and create measurable steps along the way so you can celebrate your progress!

Bring a buddy! Working out with a friend, family member, or even your dog can help! We are less likely to skip a workout or a run if someone is expecting us. Knowing someone else is counting on you is great motivation! If you don’t have someone you can work out with, consider joining a gym or fitness center. You may find support there through the classes or fitness events offered.

Change it up! If one more day on the treadmill makes you want to scream, try something new. Switching treadmill for exercise bike or aerobics class is not only a good way to break out of a routine, it is good for your body. Different exercises use different muscles, so variety can improve your fitness!

Take a day off. Yes, that’s right. Having one skip day each week is important for rest and muscle recovery and can help you recharge. If you wear a personal fitness device, consider taking it off one day a week, and focus on ways to rest and relax. It’s true that some people need that daily reminder to move, but when exercise itself becomes stressful or tiring, a down day may be just what you need.

Staying Motivated to Work Out
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