Staying Open to Change

If asked, most of us can list the things and activities we enjoy. And we are likely to know the things and activities we don’t enjoy. But what if we are wrong? Is it possible that over time our tastes and interest change?  We often believe we are sure about much more than we are.  Yes, we may have our favorite activities, destinations, hobbies – but are you sure you don’t like other activities, destinations, and hobbies? It may be time to consider the approach of “maybe.”

When asked to try something new – a new cuisine, a sport you’ve never played, a type of book you generally don’t read – what’s your first reaction?  If you find that you are quick with a “no,”  you may be relying on the past rather than being open to the now.  Try something new. Maybe you’ll like Indian food.  Maybe you’ll find a new way to exercise.  Maybe you’ll discover a new favorite author.  Or maybe you won’t.  Being open to trying new things doesn’t guarantee you’ll like them.  But never trying something new is a guaranteed way to resist change. 

Are you exactly the same person you were at age 10? 16? 21? Do you like all of the same things?  Of course not.  So why would we be the same at 30? 40? 50?  Adulthood doesn’t end growth.  As a matter of fact, those who continue to learn new things find that memory improves, self-confidence increases and thinking is sharper. Those who are open to learning and trying new things also are viewed as happier and more optimistic. 

There is no need to give up your favorite restaurant or favorite author.  Enjoy the traditions and activities that are important to you.  But listen carefully to that voice that says, “No, I’ve never liked that.”  Because, maybe – just maybe – things have changed.  You may have changed.  And change can be a wonderful thing!

Source: Completely Well Newsletter, April 2022. Complete Wellness Solutions

Staying Open to Change
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