Family Health Habits

Being healthy is the culmination of daily habits. What we eat, the exercise we get, how we sleep all work together to either improve our health or not. There are steps we can take to improve our health and the health of our families. Whether your family includes a spouse and children, extended family, or just a pet, developing some family health habits is good for everyone.

Healthy eating is easier if the whole family eats well. Agree on what snacks to have on hand and work together to create a weekly or monthly menu.  Get other family members involved in the shopping and cooking.  If your family is you and your pet, do some research about what’s best for your pet to eat and avoid too many table scraps.

Getting the family moving every day is key to good health. Take the dog for a walk, go for a family bike ride, play an active game on a gaming system, or just put on some music and dance! Moving together gives you time to strengthen relationships along with strengthening your heart, lungs, and muscles!

Reduce family stress by organizing chores and family responsibilities. If you live with other people, consider dividing up the work weekly or monthly. Even young children can contribute by putting away their clothes or helping set the table. Completed chores may earn a special treat, such as the ability to pick a family movie on the weekend or the choice of board game for a game night. If you live alone, consider cleaning up a room a night rather than trying to clean the entire home on the weekend.  Give all of the family members some personal space, a place to decompress and relax.

The support of a family can make a big difference in our overall health.  Remember that each person’s health journey is individual, but families can come together to support each other’s goals and help with each other’s challenges.

Source: Complete Wellness Solutions. Completely Well Newsletter, June 2022

Family Health Habits
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