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How We Help People + Businesses Thrive

Program Features

    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Extensive Employee Communication
    • Wellness Activity Tracking
    • Interactive Wellness Challenges
    • User Portal Support
    • HIPAA Compliance
    • Wellness Plan Documents

Program Options

    • Onsite Screenings
    • LabCorp Vouchers
    • Tobacco Recovery Programs
    • Onsite Seminars
    • Stop Diabetes Program
    • Coaching Programs


Employees complete Health Risk Assessments and wellness screenings to establish baseline data.
Corporate wellness audits are available to employers to help assess and improve the work environment, policy, and culture.

Employees receive a confidential report that provides information on identified risk factors. Individuals also receive online health education classes based on their health risks.
The employer receives a 24-page Summary Risk Report outlining their employee population’s health data and recommended program strategies.

Employees can set interactive goals based on their wellness needs and readiness to change.
We work with the employer to set participation and outcome goals for each program year.

Employees can track health stats and lab results as well as participate in wellness activities and challenges that are meaningful to them.
Your dedicated account executive will provide ongoing feedback regarding program utilization and progress.

Employees can can view and print reports of their private data including screening data, symptom diary, and exercise and nutrition logs.
Robust wellness software gives employers 24/7 access to participation and award reports. Annual Summary Risk Reports show trends across time.

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