Our Results

High engagement in CWS health interventions leads to meaningful health benefits.
  • We offer custom reporting to provide insights into the investment in your population health.
  • Use our cutting edge technology to help define and report on you and your employees’ efforts to improve health, and achieve results.
  • We aggregate all available data sources such as medical and prescription claims, wellness activity data, health screening data and lab data in order to provide clients with a best-in-class risk identification.

Member Level Risk Reports are Generated Using our Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms:

Medical Claims

  • Medical History Summary: major disease areas, recent diagnoses of interest
  • Utilization Summary: utilization trends over time, recent spikes in claims activity, inpatient vs. outpatient activity

Prescription Claims

  • Prescription Overview: major treatment groups, recent medications started, adherence rates
  • Utilization Summary: utilization trends over time, medications moving to generic

Health Screening/Lab Data

  • Risk Factor Summary: flag relevant risk factors (obesity, hypertension , etc.) and biometric trends over time
  • Lab Summary: flag any abnormal lab values

Wellness Activity Data

  • Engagement Summary: capture historical wellness program activity (step program, functional medicine program, high portal activity)

We are always looking for opportunities to innovate and deliver meaningful solutions to our clients.

Please contact Jason Edgar for more information.

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