A Complete and Compliant Wellness Software

Designed for Corporations, Tailored to the Individuals’ Needs

User Portal

Personalized Wellness Dashboard
Health Risk Assessment
Wellness Screening Results
Health Stats and Symptom Tracking
Goal Setting and Activity Tracking
Preventive Health Management
Online Health Library
Online Schedule
Award Progress Reports
Secure Messaging with Coach
Connectivity to Fitness Devices
Responsive Design
Healthy Recipes
Educational and Fitness Videos

Screener Portal

Ability to Record Screening Data
Review Reports
Individuals Results Automatically Uploaded to User Portal

Scheduler Portal

Ability to Schedule Screenings, Clinics, Onsite Seminars, and More
Reports and Check-in Feature Included

Employer/Agent Portal

24/7 Access to Online Participation, Summary Risk, and Award Reports

Clinic Portal

Electronic Medical Records Management
Personal Medical History
Ability to View HRA Results

Manager and Administrator Portal

Ability to Set Up and Manage Custom Activities and Awards Programs
Ability to Administer Programs and Manage Personal Health Information for Reporting Purposes
Targeted Messaging

Health Coach Portal

Ability to Document and Review Coaching Sessions
View Wellness Program Incentives and Participan Goals
Secure Messaging and Video Chat
Access to Health Stats, Lab Results and HRA

Health Coach Manager Portal

Ability to Manage Coaches and Clients
Access to Biometric Data, Reports, and Secure Messaging

Medical Claims

  • Medical History Summary: major disease areas, recent diagnoses of interest
  • Utilization Summary: utilization trends over time, recent spikes in claims activity, inpatient vs. outpatient activity

Prescription Claims

  • Prescription Overview: major treatment groups, recent medications started, adherence rates
  • Utilization Summary: utilization trends over time, medications moving to generic
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